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Stan's Donuts & Coffee

Stan’s Double Pack

Stan’s Double Pack

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Choose from our House Blend, Espresso (Dark Roast), or Decaf.


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House Blend

A medium bold-roasted Brazil blend

Descriptors: Chocolate, Almonds
Roast: Medium Bold
Body: Full
Country: Brazil

Talking Points: Poised to satisfy the full spectrum of guest’s roast preferences from ranging from light to dark.

Espresso (Dark Roast)

A robust blend of Latin American coffees in a darker Italian Roast style

Descriptors: Nutty, Dark Chocolate Roast: Dark
Body: Full
Region: Latin America

Talking Points: Custom espresso roast


A medium roasted decaf blend

Descriptors: Green Apple, Milk Chocolate
Roast: Medium
Body: Full
Country: Brazil

Talking Points: Mellow water process decaf

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